Form Cut Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Head Office and Factory

7 Scarborough Way
Lonsdale SA 5160
+61 8 8322 6700
+61 8 8322 3011

ABN  14699340194

Company Profile

Form Cut Pty Ltd is a pro-active Defence focused organisation, involved with the PHS & T cycle, governing the safe and secure transit of defence material as required by the Damage Minimisation Initiative [DMI], under SRP. We are an innovative protective packaging and gasket solutions specialist, supporting over 500 manufacturers and suppliers Australia wide. Our mission is to apply proven innovative skills in the design, development and production of packaging and gasket solutions to meet customer's needs and protection requirements. Our defence focus is backed by long-term experience in the manufacture of aids and devices for the packaging of sensitive and delicate electronic, laser, medical, optical, scientific and industrial equipment. We custom design for each application from single item to multiple production run requirements Australia wide.

Products and Services

Product Assembly
Protective Packaging and Packaging Inserts
Packaging Design
Case Inserts
PolyUrethane (PU) Foam and PolyEthylene (PE) Foam
Fire Retarded Anti-Static (FRAS) Foam and Fire Retarded Foam
Anti-Static Foam
EVA, Neoprene and EPDM Foam
Thermal Insulation and Accoustic Insulation
Gaskets, Rubber, Plastics
CNC Foam Cutting, Die Cutting, Hand Cutting
Design Center


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and attained certification in December 2016 through SAI Global.