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48 Bailey Street
Bairnsdale VIC
Australia 3875

61 03 51523130
61 04 39223254
61 03 51523133
ABN  30149545362

Company Profile

Kalbar Resources is an Australian public company.

We are focused on the development of the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project in Gippsland, Victoria. This project was part of the Gippsland Heavy Mineral Sands Project that Kalbar bought from Rio Tinto in 2013.

Our team is well suited to delivering this development project and comprises of geologists, engineers and scientists with significant experience in mineral sands exploration, development and production. We use well-respected consultants to provide additional capabilities. As the project develops, Kalbar will continue to add new staff.

It is Kalbar's policy to use local businesses for goods and services and employ local people where possible. Kalbar already employs several local people, and has used many local businesses.

Kalbar prioritises investment in exploration and investigations to develop sustainable mining and processing techniques. Its strategy is to pursue niche markets in bulk export.