Access Datacom

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Head Office

25 Kilkenny Road
Kilkenny SA 5009
+61 8 8268 3777
+61 8 8268 6422

ABN  96122034753

Company Profile

Access Datacom to be the "first and safest choice" by our clients. Delivering specialist Security, CCTV, Communications and Electrical solutions. Customer reputation for providing an exemplary level of Service, Delivery & Support

Products and Services

Electronic security systems
Monitored alarms
Access control systems including Gallagher Cardax, Tecom, Integrity, Protege, DSX
CCTV and IP camera Systems including Avigilon, Pelco, Milestone, HIK Vision
Perimeter Security Detection
Intercoms - IP and Analogue
Gallagher Electric fences
Automated Sliding and swing gates
Project Management
Product Testing, Research and Development
Minor Civil Construction and Earth moving
Facility Management
Cloud Surveillance Solutions
Cloud Data Storage


Gallagher Security partner
Gallagher Type 1A partner
Avigilon CCTV Partner
Milestone Accredited integrator
Inner Range Integrity accredited partner
Interlogix Tecom accredited
HIK Vision CCTV accredited partner